Distribpix Facts/Triva: Who is this actor?

Distribpix Facts/Trivia: Who is this actor? ( level- advanced)

When you mention the term ” character actor” in the world of adult films, this guy’s name is usually the first to come to mind. He has worked in dozens of different roles for some of the greatest XXX directors of all time like the NY based Amero Brothers, as well as Chuck Vincent. He is also been praised for his ability to play a drag queen with the utmost of ease.

‘Joy’ a XXX classic by Harvey Mansfield

Joy (1977)Starring Sharon Mitchell, Jake Teague and R.Bolla

Really a great little film, that kind of jump started the career of a young Sharon Mitchell. Basically, she plays the typical female who is pressured into a sexual situation, in which she refuses her boyfriends sexual advances and in the process she is no longer burdened by her relationship. In a classic turn of events, she is violated and raped and er…… loves it! Let’s all remember that this was truly an era when political correctness was in it’s infancy, so just enjoy this golden age classic.

During this past summer, I was thrilled to find some of the original artwork for many of our films, from the art for the box covers to the original story boards and movie cards. It was during one day in August that I found the art for ‘Joy’. There was actually a wonderful storyboard campaign for this film and it’s working titles. And after finding them, it makes the film that much more vintage. I think the title might not have gone over as well in the 70’s as ‘Meet the Rapists’ or ‘The Female Rapist’ , but today, that is what the cult fans are looking for, plus I own the original negative, so it might be worth a restoration at some point, maybe even with a Sharon Mitchell commentary?

Take a look!































Some Behind the Scenes Photos

In the last 2 years I have taken some extra time while going through literally thousands of slides, photos, contact sheets and negatives. Something that I have found most intriguing lately, are the abundance of ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the director and crew at work, or the actors taking a break or shots of the set, lights and film equipment. These pictures tell a story of what was going on behind the camera and without this archival material, they would never be seen. Here is a quick look at some of these rare and never before seen pictures:

Behind the scenes on the set of Armand Weston's 1979 thriller, 'The Nesting'

On the set, 1977 footage from the archives of Metzger's " Maraschino Cherry"

Behind the Scenes: Armand Weston's 1978 masterpiece, 'Take Off'', the crew is hard at work

Behind the Scenes: William Hennigar's 1968 sexploitation classic, 'Surfside Sex', notice the camera/umbrella

Behind the Scenes: Joe Sarno's 1966 Sexploitation film, 'The Bed and How to Make It", which was shot for NYC based Distribix. The film's producers are pictured in the background.

Behind the Scenes: Ron Sullivan's 1967 hit, 'Lust Weekend',which was shot for Sam Lake Enterprises, notice that a young Ron is assisting his DP











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