Radley Metzger aka Henry Paris- 2011

Do you know anyone who is crazy for Metzger (or just plain crazy– we’re not picky!) and who is fluent in Spanish, French, German or Italian?
In return for the minor task of translating 5000+ words of meticulously transcribed grunts and sex-noises, that lucky individual would be eligible to receive:

* The kind of fame that only translating subtitles for an obscure 1970s porn film can bring!
* Irresistibility to persons of their preferred sex commensurate with the above level of fame!
* The kind of conversation-starter that will instantly separate the wheat from the chaff at a cocktail party!  (Perfect for people who like talking to chaff!)
* The opportunity to be part of preserving something of historical significance for [one-handed] study by future generations!
* And oh, yeah, his or her name (or preferred nom-de-porn) in the DVD credits, plus a couple of free copies of the special edition DVD.

If interested please e-mail: distribpix@gmail.com or just reply to the post!