The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann….archival photos

Please take a short journey with us on a slide tour of the Henry Paris archives for ” The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”. This really is an awesome film. It is very playful and witty and there are several moments of pure laughter and the eroticism is dynamite. The story takes twists and turns and the end is a surprise that no one expect!! Starring Barbara Bourbon, Eric Edwards, Alan Marlowe, Georgina Spelvin, Marc Stevens, Levi Richards, Jamie Gillis, Darby Lloyd Raines, directed by Henry Paris(1974).

Leo Lovemore, being spied on!!!!

Marc Stevens at Sutton Place

Kevin Andre receiving some news about his unfaithful partner.....

Frank( Eric Edwards) standing at the Puiitzer Fountain in NYC

Mrs. Mann watches the action in the privacy of her bedroom

Mr. and Mrs. Mann ( Barbara Bourbon and Alan Marlowe)

Frank and Pamela in Grand Army Plaza, across from the Plaza Hotel

Mr. Mann on the intercom with yet another detective???

Frank and Pamela ( Eric Edwards and Barbara Bourbon)


Jamie Gillis, the revolutionary

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, More HD screengrabs

A couple more comparison shots, between the Standard Def release by VCA and the Distribpix HD transfer:

In the first shot we see Eric Edwards, who plays a private detective or “peeping tom” named Frank. He is in the office of Mr. Mann, getting the lowdown on his wife, Pamela.

In the second shot, we see Levi Richards, bragging to a friend, about his conquest and transformation of Georgie(Georgina Spelvin), but the joke is on him!!

It really is amazing what a decent transfer and some color correction can do. It is not the best source material we have ever used and there are some very minor, negative defects, but overall, it is a tremendous looking film transfer. The colors have come back to life, literally making some scenes from the old version, look black and white, it was that washed.  There is also more information from more of the frame being scanned and that is always nice to see. The skin tones have also come back and are much more realistic than on the old version. The film is much more enjoyable to watch and the fact that it is now UNCUT, makes it even more so. It is now back in the context, in which it was originally shot, and real fan’s of Henry Paris, will get to see this film in it’s entirety. The scene in question, where Darby and Jamie, abduct Pamela from the park is so vital to the context of the film, at least I think so. For me, it makes much more sense. Anyway, enjoy these shots.

VCA Standard Def DVD

Distribpix HD transfer- Click for full image

VCA's Standard Def DVD

Distribpix HD Transfer- Click for full image

Pamela Mann HD Screengrabs

A report from the lab….so we have some new and beautiful screen shots from the recently transferred, “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”. Overall, this transfer was very successful. The film looks better than it ever has. The colors have come back to life, and the old VCA version, is virtually unwatchable, when compared to this new HD transfer. Not only was the VCA release butchered, but the color and sound are totally fucked! Anyway, the difference to the film itself and the addition, of all previously cut footage, is reason enough to buy this one. But the truth is that this is our most ambitious project to date, and it has just about everything but the kitchen sink. This will go down as being one of the most spectacular classic adult film packages ever produced, and it looks like this will be ready in late Spring.  I will lay out a few of the details below:

*Pamela Mann hard version, uncut, transferred in HD ( all previously deleted footage is intact)

*Pamela Mann soft version, uncut transferred in HD( unique version, never before seen footage)

*Pamela Mann hard trailer

*Full length director commentary with Radley Metzger

*Over 75 original and never before seen slides

*Ephemera Gallery ( news articles, photos, etc)

*Interview with star of film Georgina Spelvin( Georgie)

*Interview with star of film, Eric Edwards ( Frank, the private detective)

*Multiple Documentary Featurettes( Locations, Externals, Life and Times, Music)

*The Deleted Scenes

*Liner note book, written by Benson Hurst, with contributions from our director of music content, as well as another guest writer

And more!!!!!

Details of the Transfer:

THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN was restored using the original 35mm blow-up internegative and is presented in its original theatrical exhibition aspect ratio of 1.85:1. The film was scanned in 2K resolution using a Spirit 2K Datacine and the DaVinci Resolve system was used to perform additional color correction and color matching. The film was then backed up on HDD for DVD authoring. The audio was transferred from the 35mm optical track negative and is presented in its original mono form.
PLEASE NOTE that throughout the film there is occasionally a greenish scratch present in the right-most third of the image. This is an imperfection present in the original negative and could not be removed.

Here are some comparisons between the VCA version of Pamela Mann and the brand new HD transfer from Distribpix/Video-X-Pix.

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer-click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD Transfer- click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer- click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer- click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer- click for full size image

I hope you enjoy this update and as soon as we have an exact release date, we will post it on the blog.