The Nesting on Blu Ray and DVD!!

Really well done job by Blue Underground and Distribix. The film itself is just one of those films that you seem to miss, and never see. And to be honest, your not missing much, with the plethora of films out there. But the film looks amazing, The HD transfer is clean and crisp, and puts all the other, bootlegged versions , that are sourced from print or video masters to shame. The job in restoring the film was done in ‘William Lustig’ fashion, which usually means, top notch, all the way. Only one or two jumps, but other than that, … Continue reading The Nesting on Blu Ray and DVD!!

Distribpix/Blue Underground,Team-Up for Horror Re-release

Distribix is pleased to announce that Bill Lustig’s , Blue Underground, will be releasing, this Armand Weston horror film from 1980. The film has been beautifully re-storedĀ  from the OCN and both picture and sound are excellent. There will be extras like trailers, tv spots, subtitles, ephemera, slideshows, and more. Blue Underground is one of the top tier DVD companies on the market today and they focus on quality and are well known for successfully releasingĀ  many cult films onto Blu Ray and DVD. Besides owning many of the best XXX adult films and sexploitation films, Distribpix also has some … Continue reading Distribpix/Blue Underground,Team-Up for Horror Re-release

An Original Armand Weston

The archive that keeps on giving…… In addition to making some of the most amazing XXX features, like Take Off and Expose Me Lovely, Armand Weston was also a very talented artist. Some of his art was used for the movie posters for classics like his Take Off and Radley Metzger’s Maraschino Cherry. In addition to having the original art for those 2 films, I recently discovered this very rare gem!! It is an original Armand Weston oil painting on canvas, and it was used for the artwork for his 1979 horror “The Nesting”. It is in great condition with … Continue reading An Original Armand Weston