The Legends come out for Serena’s Book Signing in Hollywood!

The Legends come out for Serena’s Book Signing in Hollywood!

Bright Lights, Lonely Nights: The Memories of Serena, Porn Star Pioneer of the 1970’s.

Bill Margold and legendary adult actress, Serena.

Bill Margold and legendary adult actress, Serena.

Legendary adult actress, Serena, signed her brand new book at Larry Edmunds bookstore on Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday night Dec 8. I was in Los Angeles and would not miss an event like this, being just a few miles away. I was fortunate enough to spend time with another ‘larger than life’ character a few hours before this signing, a man by the name of Bill Margold, who is essentially the grandfather or great uncle of this adult industry. A guy who was there since the early days, he lived it. He has a very special place for Serena in his heart, and she always refers to him as, “Brother Bill”! I was honored to accompany Bill to this signing event, and before hand enjoyed some wonderful Tai cuisine as he reminisced about Serena and how emotional of a night it was going to be for him. Bill is a very serious guy when it comes to this type of milestone, he is a man who has deep roots with much of the talent of the adult biz, from the 70’s to today.

Bill Margold, and Actress Serena.

Bill Margold, and Actress Serena.

We headed to the bookstore on Hollywood Blvd. and Serena, who looked absolutely breathtaking. Even from a distance away, she had an aura of peace about her. I mean she was strikingly beautiful, absolutely striking. I never spoke with her before in person and it was sort of exciting to just be there. It is a small space, and hard not to be somewhat intimate, when it comes to conversing and reuniting of sorts. And a few others were in a small group, chatting and smiling. I recognized a few of the faces, Karen Summer was there, I saw her and knew right away as she has that same look and smile! Anyway, Bill headed right over to the the group and the hugs began flying.

Re-unitng, with Karen Summer and Richard Pacheco, both adult industry legends.

Re-unitng, with Karen Summer and Richard Pacheco, both adult industry legends.

I backed away for a bit, before making my introduction with Serena, as the legends were throughly engulfed with each other, and I did not want to break that up. I hung out in the store, chatted up lots of people, some close friends, other new friends. Of course I hung with my gal, Kelly Nichols, who I always love to see, and she looks better each time I see her.  I saw my old pal Roy Karch, he was very chatty and I loved it.  And then, another highlight was getting to rub elbows with Howie Gordon (Richard Pacheco), even if for a short time, as well as Karen Summer. Howie is another legend of the golden age of erotic film-making and also shares the promo circuit with his cohort Serena, where they both promote their recently published books. I even spent some time waiting out front for my guest to arrive, another legend  named Ron Jeremy. Waiting out in front of the store was a bit surreal and strange. I got to share some some great laughs with Cass Paley, another old school director and documentary filmmaker.

Legendary actress, Kelly Nichols.

Legendary actress, Kelly Nichols.

The place got packed with faces from yesteryear, and Bill Margold began his introduction. He was strong but eventually wept as he knew he would. He was overcome with emotion, as Serena sat beside him. Serena spoke about writing her book, and even mentioned her next book, now in the works, which is more of an art book. Her voice was very soft and at some points you could barely hear her. She was beyond soft spoken, like a talking whisper. We had to remind her to speak up a bit. I enjoyed listening to her speak and I appreciated hearing about some of her past experiences and interests. I had no idea that she was such a talented artist. She had a a very “peace and love” vibe to hear, like a love child from the Bay Area. She answered some questions from the crowd and afterwards in Larry Edmunds style, there was a mass photo shoot and book singing, meet and greet.

Bottom: Christy Cnayon and Ron Jeremy. Top: Howie Gordon(Richard Pacheco) Karen Summer, Kelly Nichols.

Bottom: Christy Cnayon and Ron Jeremy. Top: Howie Gordon(Richard Pacheco) Karen Summer, Kelly Nichols.


I got to my chance to meet Serena,face to face. Of course, she had no idea who I was, but I knew who she was. I told her it was great to meet her and that she looked amazing, and she smiled and thanked me. I really enjoyed just sort of sitting back and taking in all the reuniting and hugging and love. I mentioned working with her on some future projects and she seemed very excited. She left me with a major sense of wanting to know more and learn more about her, which I really think is ideal. Thank you for letting me share in on the celebration.


The plan that was after the signing, we were all going to go across the street to Musso and Frank. And let me tell you, the table of characters at that meal was one for the record books, a great group of people doing what they do. And yes, this is another story in itself. I think we had a table of  12 or 14 of the most unique characters, I guess I am one of them too? We were all hungry, tired and wanted to eat, but for some reason it took Ron Jeremy 2 hours to make his way across the street…LOL, I am kidding, just one hour! Oh, and in typical Ron fashion, I can almost swear he picked up an old friend on the street and she ended up at the table, where she scarfed down a short rib special,  with veg and potatoes and then took off like the wind. God, I love any meal I have with Ron Jeremy, I really do.

It was a great night and one that I will always remember. Thanks so much. Best of luck to Serena and all the other legends who are penning their stories/memoirs.



Here is a link to purchase Serena’s new book Bright Lights, Lonely Nights:The Memories of Serena, Porn Star Pioneer of the 1970’s,directly from the publisher BearManor:

Bright Lights-230x305


Wanda Whips Wall Street- Coming Soon

Move over Leonardo DeCaprio, Wanda Brandt is here!


Before the Wolf of Wall Street, there was Wanda Whips Wall Street…….

Larry Revene, one of the best adult film cinematographers of all time, took to the director’s chair for this wild and wonderful tale of sexual intrigue and economic espionage. Legendary superstar Veronica Hart gives one of her funniest and hottest performances as the scheming small town financial wizard who treks to New York to work her magic at one of the top investment firms in the city. Teaming with her girl Friday Janie (Tish Ambrose), Wanda sleeps her way through the company’s stock holders, using blackmail to absorb their shares. Corporate investigator Lou Perrini (Jamie Gillis) and his assistant Ed (Ron Jeremy) set out to uncover the culprits behind this corporate crime spree. Featuring appearances by adult film legends Samantha Fox, George Payne, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Hudd, and cult favorite Sondra Hillman, this is sophisticated sex comedy as its finest.

Wanda Whips Wall Street was scanned in 2k resolution and encoded for DVD. The source material was a 35mm theatrical print. Although many hours of color correction and digital scratch removal have been performed, there are still instances of scratches/splices, etc. The film is now presented in it’s original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1 for the first time on home video.

HD Screen Grab from Wanda Whips Wall Street. (L to R) Tish Ambrose, Samantha Fox and Veronica Hart.

HD Screen Grab from Wanda Whips Wall Street. (L to R) Tish Ambrose, Samantha Fox and Veronica Hart.

Wand Whips Wall Street, Original Theatrical Poster. ©Distribpix Inc.

Wand Whips Wall Street, Original Theatrical Poster. ©Distribpix Inc.


DVD Features:

2k scan of Wanda Whips Wall Street (1982)

Feature Length Audio Commentary with Director, Larry Revene and Lead Actress, Veronica Hart

Video Interview with Larry Revene and Veronica Hart

Restoration Featurette

Slideshow and Ephemera Gallery

Technical Specs: 

AR = 1.85:1/Color/82 minutes/Stereo Sound

Packaged in a clear DVD case, with Reversible Box Art





After 2 years of development and never ending digitizing and content uploading, I am happy to announce that is now live. It is sort of a soft launch, as we are still fixing some bugs and making some tweaks. The site has been part of our company’s relaunch and will serve as our new hub, where you can find out about our company, it’s films, it’s history, it’s legacy or join any number of forums and blogs and get up to date and current news…….and just about anything else to do with classic adult cinema… wll find on the new site.

We are always uploading new content and the site is being worked on everyday, so please be patient and as the weeks and months go by, you will notice the addition of more videos, trailers, posters, ephemera, etc. Our hopes are that in the future this will act as a virtual museum, with a host of experts that are moderating the blogs and forums.

Please take a quick look, so you can see what we have done and I welcome you to our new online community.



Just an update, as the archiving never stops… here are some grabs from the recent transfer of the only existing print that we have, there is one me we know about, but have not had luck getting to see it’s condition as of yet. The print itself is in great condition, there are no splices, but it is scratched.  Anyway, some nice results from a print.

All part of the never ending archiving and constant film transfers from Video-X-Pix/Distribpix, some stuff is better than others, but most importantly these amazing films are getting put into historical context from the people who made them, the films are being re-stored, and new fans are finding us everyday!!!

Some screen grabs from the Spirit 2k Datacine Transfer:

Wanda Whips Wallstreet at The New Beverly Cinema Nov 5 at MIDNIGHT

WOW, this is so kool, if you live near LA, you should come out to see this awesome and legendary classic, shot by Larry Revene. Brought to you by Midnight Grind /Video-X-Pix. This is going to be a great night, a midnight showing of one of porn’s greatest tales of Wall Street domination, by a woman, and not just any woman, Veronica Hart. Amazingly, Veronica will be attending the 12 o clock midnight showing. This is a great film, well shot, with vintage NYC landmarks, as well as memorable appearances by Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis and of course Veronica Hart. This is a perfect example of what a Chuck Vincent film is all about, good acting, good sex and some great comedy.

There are also rumored to be several others who might swing by and make a cameo appearance. I am flying 3ooo miles out to LA to attend, so if you are near LA, come and show your support, I mean what else are you doing on FRIDAY Nov 5th at 11:59 pm OR midnight!!!

I would love to meet the fans of these great classics, so please come and join us, it should be a great time!! I truly hope to see you there.



  • Video-X-Pix & Midnight Grind present
  • Wanda Whips Wall Street Poster
  • Wanda Whips Wallstreet
  • Fri: 11:59pm (Midnight)
    • 1982, USA, 82 minutes
    • Adults 18+ ONLY w/ ID. All Tickets $7. Veronica Hart plus other special guests IN PERSON, schedules permitting, to discuss.
    • directed by Larry Revene, produced by Chuck Vincent, starring Veronica Hart, Jamie Gillis, Tish Ambrose, Ron Jeremy, Saman

XXX 35 mm CLASSICS in High Definition

LITTLE ORAL ANNIE, one of the greatest cock suckers of all time, this girl made Linda Lovelace look like a schoolgirl…..LOA really took giving head to the next level and kept  deep throating alive during the 80’s!


Screen grab from original DVD release

ABOVE: screen grab from the original dvd release, which was sourced from a 1 inch video master. The quality was never an issue, sort of the standard for the video industry, maybe even higher than average for a video shot in 1984, but once we did the HD transfer, it make this version look awful. See photos below.

ABOVE: screen grab (960 x 540), from the HD transfer.

ABOVE: screen grab full resolution (1920 x 1080), from the HD transfer