Wanda Whips Wallstreet at the New Beverly Cinema

What an amazing event..This past Friday at midnight was the screening of Wanda Whips Wallstreet at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood. It was so great to see so many fans come out to enjoy some old school stags. I want to thank Midnight Grind , The New Beverly Cinema and all the grindhouse fans that came out and enjoyed the night with us, really impressive turn out!!

Earlier in the evening I was honored to host a small dinner to celebrate the event, and I was joined by a great group of dear friends, and of course  Jane Hamilton(Veronica Hart) was our guest of honor. As usual, she was incredibly gracious and sweet.

By the way, the mexican food was great….thank you adam for ordering me that Carne Asada Burrito!

We all headed over to the theater, where there was already a line at the box office of fans who were out to see the film and meet Jane. I was so overjoyed. The film was proceeded by a short introduction by Midnight Grind’s Joe Rubin and a raffle in which many fans received copies of ‘Wanda’ on DVD, some great posters, and other random ephemera.

The decision to show an entire half hour of trailers was absolutely brilliant and in a way, sort of stole the show. I mean, the crowd was absolutely hystercial!!!! I really did love all the trailers, they were great, but if I had to choose my 2 favorites, they would be ‘Joy’ and ‘Every Inch a Lady’……amazing.

The feature was great, lots of laughs and a classic film, by the late and great Chuck Vincent, with some awesome performances from porn’s treasure chest of talent.

ATTENTION GRIND HOUSE THEATERS AROUND THE USA, the DISTRIBIX archives is here, it is alive and it is well!!!

posting pics of the night.

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just a quick update from Sunny Los Angeles. Been here for 2 full days, amazing, amazing time.  Taking care of business and sitting in lots of traffic. LOL!!

Last night was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have never before been to the New Beverly Cinema, and I was there to see Bill Lustig’s VIGILANTE!! . The entire experience was amazing. The theater, for those of you who have not been there, is exceptional. Clean, and very well maintained, the entire place is spot on and they know what they are doing.

The film was introduced by Bill Lustig and then there was a lengthy Q/A after the film, that was moderated by Brian Quinn of Grindhouse Film Festival. Several stars were present, Robert Forster, Fred Williamson, Frank Pesce. These guys truly have a wonderful relationship and it was a wonderful night, they were all incredibly nice, entertaining, funny and truly genuine.

I was amazed at the intensity of the film crowd, they were very involved, loud and lots of clapping when the bad guys get their due!!! It was awesome and they ran some great trailers before the show.

I am now on my way to a wonderful dinner in honor of Jane Hamilton(Veronica Hart) and then we will all be heading back the the New Beverly Cinema, for a midnight screening of Wanda Whips Wallstreet, it is going to be great, lots of giveaways and a great film with great trailers. Thanks again in advance to the New Beverly and Midnight Grind for all they do.

I will leave you with a photo that a very nice guy snapped of me and THE HAMMER, in front of the theater.

me and the "hammer"

Wanda Whips Wallstreet at The New Beverly Cinema Nov 5 at MIDNIGHT

WOW, this is so kool, if you live near LA, you should come out to see this awesome and legendary classic, shot by Larry Revene. Brought to you by Midnight Grind /Video-X-Pix. This is going to be a great night, a midnight showing of one of porn’s greatest tales of Wall Street domination, by a woman, and not just any woman, Veronica Hart. Amazingly, Veronica will be attending the 12 o clock midnight showing. This is a great film, well shot, with vintage NYC landmarks, as well as memorable appearances by Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis and of course Veronica Hart. This is a perfect example of what a Chuck Vincent film is all about, good acting, good sex and some great comedy.

There are also rumored to be several others who might swing by and make a cameo appearance. I am flying 3ooo miles out to LA to attend, so if you are near LA, come and show your support, I mean what else are you doing on FRIDAY Nov 5th at 11:59 pm OR midnight!!!

I would love to meet the fans of these great classics, so please come and join us, it should be a great time!! I truly hope to see you there.



  • Video-X-Pix & Midnight Grind present
  • Wanda Whips Wall Street Poster
  • Wanda Whips Wallstreet
  • Fri: 11:59pm (Midnight)
    • 1982, USA, 82 minutes
    • Adults 18+ ONLY w/ ID. All Tickets $7. Veronica Hart plus other special guests IN PERSON, schedules permitting, to discuss.
    • directed by Larry Revene, produced by Chuck Vincent, starring Veronica Hart, Jamie Gillis, Tish Ambrose, Ron Jeremy, Saman