Metzger’s, The Opening of Misty Beethoven on DVD/Blu-Ray ‘The Perfect Christmas Gift’

The Opening of Misty Beethoven 2 DVD Set and Blu Ray are both selling like hotcakes! Both packages are packed with uncut HD transfers, definitive extras, director /actor commentaries, liner notes and collectibles. They are gorgeous and anyone who has a BLU RAY collection really needs to pick this up. It is very limited, and is certainly the only example of a classic adult film ever to be professionally released on BLU RAY ! For those that have not gone BLU, the 2 DVD Collector’s Set is top notch and will blow you away! BUY YOUR COPY NOW AT DISTRIBPIX OR AMAZON.

The Opening of Misty Beethoven- 2 DVD set, Dual Layer Blu Ray and CD Soundtrack

This is the ultimate, the tops, the absolute best treatment to any re-release of an adult film. The amount of love and passion that went into restoring the film, the art, the campaign, producing top notch extras, culling and licensing music tracks, etc. We have truly uncovered much of the story behind┬áMisty, and have restored the film to look better than the day it was released theatrically. It has been the most involved project ever taken on by Distribpix Inc. and the DVD and Blu packages, have taken about 6 months, and even longer in cases of the CD, but we are…

Misty Beethoven- Cool Version- Bathtub Scene FOUND

So the cool version of Misty is alive and well. While we did not do as much color correction and scratch removal on this version. It is still a wonderful version. The only main difference is that the penetration is edited out, replaced by an alternative angle or additional footage, shot for that reason. One of these scenes sought after for decades, is the infamous scene with Misty and Geraldine in the bath tub. Look no further!!

The Opening of Misty Beethoven-Update and Official Screen Shots

The project continues, So far we have the 2k scans of both the original UNCUT, hard and cool versions of Misty. The hard cut was restored manually and the soft was left alone, it still looks great and has a few scenes that die hards have been yearning for! The Director commentary is taking place this week, with the legendary Radley Metzger. We are currently lining up the various versions of outtakes(scanned in 2k) in our systems, audio synching, as well as editing video featurettes and continuing to shoot footage for the remaining features. Last week we sat down and recorded a…