Midnight Desires, Costello’s first 35 mm feature

Shaun Costello’s first 35mm effort, ‘Midnight Desires’ marks his move from master of the one-day wonder to expert of the bigger budget. The movie is wonderfully shot and features an expertly chosen (and stolen) music soundtrack. Starring the ever delightful Jenny Baxter, the ever enigmatic Jamie Gillis, the ever smoldering C.J. Laing, and the ever-so-nice Eric Edwards. Check out these great reviews at Distribix.com: http://www.distribpix.com/blog/midnight-desires-1976 http://www.goregoregirl.com/2010/12/your-deepest-most-hidden-sexual.html?zx=e9f0affee150bb1e                      

THE GORE GORE GIRL — A True Shaun Costello Fan

I have the honor of talking to some very interesting people on a daily basis. Sometimes, I am amazed by some of the contacts that I have made; I have met some awesome fans, real die hards. I am honored to chat with some of the more intellectual film types, like guys /gals who grew up in a grindhouses and live for all things film. I am so excited when I get to meet with the directors and producers from back in the day, like Radly Metzger, John Amero, Shaun Costello and Larry Revene, who made these films. And it has been…