Be a Photographer for Misty Beethoven!

It’s a little known fact that in 1975 when Radley Metzger shot footage in Paris and Rome for “The Opening of Misty Beethoven,” he borrowed local crew and equipment to do so. Whether you missed the opportunity to be part of his crew because you missed the Metro when you stopped to tie your shoe or because you foolishly hadn’t gotten around to being born yet, you’ve been granted a second chance! If you live in/near Rome or Paris (or will be visiting either in the next 3 weeks) and own or can borrow a camera or camcorder, you can … Continue reading Be a Photographer for Misty Beethoven!

Armand Weston’s Take Off

One of our favorite films from the golden age of filmmaking. This one has it all! We have hundreds of slides from this film. The production stills were shot by legendary director, Larry Revene and the assortment and quality are both spectacular. Eventually, our entire archive will be commemorated with a very large and colorful book, which will encapsulate the entire Distribpix archive, and how 2 NY guys, took a chance producing some cheap sexploitation films in the 60’s and how they morphed it into an East Coast video legacy. But in the meantime, enjoy these never before seen slides, … Continue reading Armand Weston’s Take Off