Pamela Mann HD Screengrabs

A report from the lab….so we have some new and beautiful screen shots from the recently transferred, “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”. Overall, this transfer was very successful. The film looks better than it ever has. The colors have come back to life, and the old VCA version, is virtually unwatchable, when compared to this new HD transfer. Not only was the VCA release butchered, but the color and sound are totally fucked! Anyway, the difference to the film itself and the addition, of all previously cut footage, is reason enough to buy this one. But the truth is that this is our most ambitious project to date, and it has just about everything but the kitchen sink. This will go down as being one of the most spectacular classic adult film packages ever produced, and it looks like this will be ready in late Spring.  I will lay out a few of the details below:

*Pamela Mann hard version, uncut, transferred in HD ( all previously deleted footage is intact)

*Pamela Mann soft version, uncut transferred in HD( unique version, never before seen footage)

*Pamela Mann hard trailer

*Full length director commentary with Radley Metzger

*Over 75 original and never before seen slides

*Ephemera Gallery ( news articles, photos, etc)

*Interview with star of film Georgina Spelvin( Georgie)

*Interview with star of film, Eric Edwards ( Frank, the private detective)

*Multiple Documentary Featurettes( Locations, Externals, Life and Times, Music)

*The Deleted Scenes

*Liner note book, written by Benson Hurst, with contributions from our director of music content, as well as another guest writer

And more!!!!!

Details of the Transfer:

THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN was restored using the original 35mm blow-up internegative and is presented in its original theatrical exhibition aspect ratio of 1.85:1. The film was scanned in 2K resolution using a Spirit 2K Datacine and the DaVinci Resolve system was used to perform additional color correction and color matching. The film was then backed up on HDD for DVD authoring. The audio was transferred from the 35mm optical track negative and is presented in its original mono form.
PLEASE NOTE that throughout the film there is occasionally a greenish scratch present in the right-most third of the image. This is an imperfection present in the original negative and could not be removed.

Here are some comparisons between the VCA version of Pamela Mann and the brand new HD transfer from Distribpix/Video-X-Pix.

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer-click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD Transfer- click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer- click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer- click for full size image

VCA's standard def DVD release

Distribpix HD transfer- click for full size image

I hope you enjoy this update and as soon as we have an exact release date, we will post it on the blog.

‘The House of Adrian’…a piece of porn history

Before I left for my LA trip, I had gotten in touch with 80’s adult star and male dancer Alan Adrian(real name is John Mozzer),to let him know that I was going to be in town. I had recently seen Alan posting on some film forums and we had gotten in touch through facebook, so I really wanted to take advantage of my time in LA, and see if we can get some face time together.

So,after my visit with Georgina Spelvin in the Hollywood Hills, which was absolutely riveting, I returned my crew to Pasadena and then headed back to Burbank for a quick shower. I then hopped in my rental car and headed about 5 miles into Atwater Village, to visit the condo of one of the most unsung and under celebrated stars of 80’s adult cinema, the one and only Alan Adrian. Now for future reference, I have nicknamed his home the “ADRIAN ARCHIVES”.

As I walked to the door, I had some jitters, as I have never met him before. He greeted me with a very enthusiastic welcome and we gave each other a warm handshake and half a hug. From the second I walked into his place I was instantly impressed with the organization of his home. He had stocked bookshelves, a neat computer area, and lots of ephemera. Before long, I was literally scrounging through his scrapbooks from back in the day, literally dozens of them. They contained a day by day account of Alan’s activity through his tenure in adult films and male dancing. I was instantly obsessed by the amount of details contained in these books, I was familiar with the names in the book and was even able to relate to him and his past on many levels, mainly because of my recent dedication to preserving the Distribpix archives. But I knew I was in the presence of what I would call rare artifacts and an untold piece of history and culture. I continued to pour through the pages of his daily memoirs from the past, and he educated me and filled in the blanks.

My brutal assault on John’s memory caused my blood sugar to decrease rapidly, due to ultimate excitement, and his as well, so we headed to Casita del Campo restaurant in Silver Lake for some authentic Mexican cuisine. We shared a wonderful meal and headed back to the Adrian Archives. After our time together it was obvious that John and I both share the same passion for preserving this long lost era, which is unfortunately becoming more extinct everyday. It was at this point that John took me into a spare bedroom which he had turned into an office/storage room, for his incredibly well kept records, photos and correspondence from his days in the biz. John was so proud to show me some of the photo albums, in which he had very neatly mounted just about every single piece of photo ephemera that he had. There were stacks of albums. I was in a state of shock, that all of this existed. I have seen the collections of Jamie Gillis, which is also sort of incredible, and there are many other guys and gals of yesteryear that have kept all of their mementos, but the way in which John has organized his archives, rivals even the Distribpix archives. I think he was a bit flattered with my comment, but it was true. The only other time that I have ever seen such organization with elements from the golden age of adult cinema is inside my archive, and it was such a pleasure to see that there is someone else out there, that understands the value of this material. I mean the stuff I saw, has probable never been seen.

He showed my some awesome pics from back in the day. One album in particular, was of him and Marc Stevens. Marc is another icon from the golden age and John told me many stories about Marc, just great stuff. In fact, he alluded that Marc was a good friend of his and always invited him to his parties, and helped him find work as a male dancer, back in the 80’s. He spoke very highly of his cohorts and did not have too many negative things to say, except that fact that Ron Jeremy would take all of his roles…..LOL!!!( all in good fun). After talking for about a half hour, I had to head back for a 9pm engagement that I could not get out of. I wanted to stay there all night, I mean I was in heaven. Before I left we did continue to discuss aspects of preservation, such as scanning materials and reviving some old fanzines he had connections with. It was a very wonderful time. I assured Alan that I would take the time to update his profile on and that is currently under way. It will have much more information about Alan’s filmography, and other details.

I wanted to record/film our time together for preservation purposes,but we decided to take a rain check, so we can re-fresh our memories……as I know that I  will be back to the ‘House of Adrian’.

Now I took a few shots with my cell phone, because I love to take pics!! The quality is not that great, but it shows what a great time we had.

Alan Adrian ( John Mozzer) and Distribpix Man

Alan Adrian ( John Mozzer) flipping through his memoirs

Marc Stevens and Alan Adrian....who is the girl in the middle??

The Criterion Collection, De Palma and DistribPix

It is my honor to be able to announce the news that the Criterion Collection has done a gorgeous HD transfer of Brian De Palma’s 1967, horror film, Murder a la Mod. The source for the transfer of this film was the original camera negative and the results are clean and crisp. It is actually one of the cleanest transfers I have ever seen, not only due to the high level of telecine, but the negative was pristine. The negative has been a part of the Distribpix archives for over 40 years and after recently learning of Criterion’s hunt for the film, I eagerly got in touch with Criterion producer, Susan Arosteguy. The film was of great interest to The Criterion Collection, as they were looking for supplemental materials to include in the upcoming release of Brian De Palma’s 1981 hit, Blow Out. It was a match made in heaven, and the guys over at Criterion were excellent to work with.

I can’t wait to see this one!








Distribpix Man visits monsterpallooza

So I went to this show in Burbank over the weekend. I was actually  just tagging along with American Grindhouse producer, Elijah Drenner, who was on hand selling pre-release copies of his “Amercian Grindhouse” DVD, which is receiving some great reviews, worlwide. He was also the moderator of a panel on Saturday night, which featured Bill Lusting, Joe Dante, Larry Cohen and others.

I walked the show and was blown away by the high level of quality of these hollywood horror creators, producers and directors. I had some nice conversations, met some great people and took lots of pics!!


Spider Baby director, Jack Hill, with Elijah Drenner


Predator-close up




Real or Fake??

Twilight Zone

The Creature From The Black Lagoon