Pamela Mann HD Screengrabs

A report from the lab….so we have some new and beautiful screen shots from the recently transferred, “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”. Overall, this transfer was very successful. The film looks better than it ever has. The colors have come back to life, and the old VCA version, is virtually unwatchable, when compared to this new HD transfer. Not only was the VCA release butchered, but the color and sound are totally fucked! Anyway, the difference to the film itself and the addition, of all previously cut footage, is reason enough to buy this one. But the truth is … Continue reading Pamela Mann HD Screengrabs

‘The House of Adrian’…a piece of porn history

Before I left for my LA trip, I had gotten in touch with 80’s adult star and male dancer Alan Adrian(real name is John Mozzer),to let him know that I was going to be in town. I had recently seen Alan posting on some film forums and we had gotten in touch through facebook, so I really wanted to take advantage of my time in LA, and see if we can get some face time together. So,after my visit with Georgina Spelvin in the Hollywood Hills, which was absolutely riveting, I returned my crew to Pasadena and then headed back … Continue reading ‘The House of Adrian’…a piece of porn history

The Criterion Collection, De Palma and DistribPix

It is my honor to be able to announce the news that the Criterion Collection has done a gorgeous HD transfer of Brian De Palma’s 1967, horror film,┬áMurder a la Mod. The source for the transfer of this film was the original camera negative and the results are clean and crisp. It is actually one of the cleanest transfers I have ever seen, not only due to the high level of telecine, but the negative was pristine. The negative has been a part of the Distribpix archives for over 40 years and after recently learning of Criterion’s hunt for the … Continue reading The Criterion Collection, De Palma and DistribPix

Distribpix Man visits monsterpallooza

So I went to this show in Burbank over the weekend. I was actually ┬ájust tagging along with American Grindhouse producer, Elijah Drenner, who was on hand selling pre-release copies of his “Amercian Grindhouse” DVD, which is receiving some great reviews, worlwide. He was also the moderator of a panel on Saturday night, which featured Bill Lusting, Joe Dante, Larry Cohen and others. I walked the show and was blown away by the high level of quality of these hollywood horror creators, producers and directors. I had some nice conversations, met some great people and took lots of pics!!   … Continue reading Distribpix Man visits monsterpallooza