Distribpix Facts/Triva: Who is this actor?

Distribpix Facts/Trivia: Who is this actor? ( level- advanced) When you mention the term ” character actor” in the world of adult films, this guy’s name is usually the first to come to mind. He has worked in dozens of different roles for some of the greatest XXX directors of all time like the NY based Amero Brothers, as well as Chuck Vincent. He is also been praised for his ability to play a drag queen with the utmost of ease.

Joe Sarno’s sexploitation film posters

In the early 1960’s Joe Sarno embarked on his journey into the world of sexploitation. His films were very charming and took a good looking cast and combined them with a well written plot, witty-dialog, eroticism and some great music. Many of his early films were shot exclusively for Distribpix. Some of these posters are available for sale at our official online store at http://www.videoxpix.com.