An Original Armand Weston

The archive that keeps on giving…… In addition to making some of the most amazing XXX features, like Take Off and Expose Me Lovely, Armand Weston was also a very talented artist. Some of his art was used for the movie posters for classics like his Take Off and Radley Metzger’s Maraschino Cherry. In addition to having the original art for those 2 films, I recently discovered this very rare gem!! It is an original Armand Weston oil painting on canvas, and it was used for the artwork for his 1979 horror “The Nesting”. It is in great condition with … Continue reading An Original Armand Weston

Some Behind the Scenes Photos

In the last 2 years I have taken some extra time while going through literally thousands of slides, photos, contact sheets and negatives. Something that I have found most intriguing lately, are the abundance of ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the director and crew at work, or the actors taking a break or shots of the set, lights and film equipment. These pictures tell a story of what was going on behind the camera and without this archival material, they would never be seen. Here is a quick look at some of these rare and never before seen pictures:   … Continue reading Some Behind the Scenes Photos

THE AVN AWARDS… an embarrasing pit of corruption

Classic fans and colleagues, just some more proof of the “ad for award” mentality over at AVN. The first company VCX advertised in 2010, the second company VXP,did not! This is the VCX/cal vista film that got the award, and I know first hand, nothing was done to enhance this release. just a poor sourced transfer, the AVN award for best classic release goes to: The Video-X-Pix film, which was nominated , was the Platinum Elite Collection of Blonde Ambition, here it is: This film’s restoration took months to complete. There is a full length commentary by director John Amero, … Continue reading THE AVN AWARDS… an embarrasing pit of corruption

THE GORE GORE GIRL — A True Shaun Costello Fan

I have the honor of talking to some very interesting people on a daily basis. Sometimes, I am amazed by some of the contacts that I have made; I have met some awesome fans, real die hards. I am honored to chat with some of the more intellectual film types, like guys /gals who grew up in a grindhouses and live for all things film. I am so excited when I get to meet with the directors and producers from back in the day, like Radly Metzger, John Amero, Shaun Costello and Larry Revene, who made these films. And it … Continue reading THE GORE GORE GIRL — A True Shaun Costello Fan

AVN AWARDS adopts “ad for award” mentality

The AVN awards were last night in Las Vegas, I got a call from my buddy who attended and he told me the news as they announced the winner….. Another year where we obviously have the best DVD release and another year without an AVN award for best classic release. What can I say? First of all, I am sorry to John Amero, Suzy Mandel, Benson Hurst and my entire team. Secondly, I congratulate those who have received an AVN award for 2010. It might feel amazing for some of you and others might not care much as they have … Continue reading AVN AWARDS adopts “ad for award” mentality


After 2 years of development and never ending digitizing and content uploading, I am happy to announce that is now live. It is sort of a soft launch, as we are still fixing some bugs and making some tweaks. The site has been part of our company’s relaunch and will serve as our new hub, where you can find out about our company, it’s films, it’s history, it’s legacy or join any number of forums and blogs and get up to date and current news…….and just about anything else to do with classic adult cinema… wll find on the … Continue reading WWW.DISTRIBPIX.COM goes live