An Original Armand Weston

The archive that keeps on giving……

In addition to making some of the most amazing XXX features, like Take Off and Expose Me Lovely, Armand Weston was also a very talented artist. Some of his art was used for the movie posters for classics like his Take Off and Radley Metzger’s Maraschino Cherry. In addition to having the original art for those 2 films, I recently discovered this very rare gem!!

It is an original Armand Weston oil painting on canvas, and it was used for the artwork for his 1979 horror “The Nesting”. It is in great condition with very minimal damage. The irony of the whole situation is that it was part of 4 pallets of original artwork that was going to be thrown into dumpsters, thank god it was all saved.

I wonder what I am going to find next???


The Nesting- Original artwork by Armand Weston - copyright 2011 Distribpix Inc.


Some Behind the Scenes Photos

In the last 2 years I have taken some extra time while going through literally thousands of slides, photos, contact sheets and negatives. Something that I have found most intriguing lately, are the abundance of ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the director and crew at work, or the actors taking a break or shots of the set, lights and film equipment. These pictures tell a story of what was going on behind the camera and without this archival material, they would never be seen. Here is a quick look at some of these rare and never before seen pictures:

Behind the scenes on the set of Armand Weston's 1979 thriller, 'The Nesting'

On the set, 1977 footage from the archives of Metzger's " Maraschino Cherry"

Behind the Scenes: Armand Weston's 1978 masterpiece, 'Take Off'', the crew is hard at work

Behind the Scenes: William Hennigar's 1968 sexploitation classic, 'Surfside Sex', notice the camera/umbrella

Behind the Scenes: Joe Sarno's 1966 Sexploitation film, 'The Bed and How to Make It", which was shot for NYC based Distribix. The film's producers are pictured in the background.

Behind the Scenes: Ron Sullivan's 1967 hit, 'Lust Weekend',which was shot for Sam Lake Enterprises, notice that a young Ron is assisting his DP










THE AVN AWARDS… an embarrasing pit of corruption

Classic fans and colleagues, just some more proof of the “ad for award” mentality over at AVN. The first company VCX advertised in 2010, the second company VXP,did not!

This is the VCX/cal vista film that got the award, and I know first hand, nothing was done to enhance this release. just a poor sourced transfer, the AVN award for best classic release goes to:

The Video-X-Pix film, which was nominated , was the Platinum Elite Collection of Blonde Ambition, here it is:

AVN nomination for best classics release, 2010

This film’s restoration took months to complete. There is a full length commentary by director John Amero, and the last ever recorded commentary from legendary actor, Jamie Gillis, just before his death. There is also a short video tribute to Jamie, not too mention the film’s trailer,  and hard and soft versions of the film.

Extras in the package are a 20 Page liner note book, 5 x 7 photo insert, film strip collectible and O-card wrap!

AVN…….you and your voters have got balls!!

Once again, thanks for fucking over our entire team, not to mention all the guys and gals from the golden age that were counting on you guys to do the right thing. Do you ever think of anyone but yourselves…..karma is a bitch

AVN would not know a good thing if it crawled up and sat on Fishbein’s face!

Hey AVN……Thanks for your support and all the best in 2011.

THE GORE GORE GIRL — A True Shaun Costello Fan

I have the honor of talking to some very interesting people on a daily basis. Sometimes, I am amazed by some of the contacts that I have made; I have met some awesome fans, real die hards. I am honored to chat with some of the more intellectual film types, like guys /gals who grew up in a grindhouses and live for all things film. I am so excited when I get to meet with the directors and producers from back in the day, like Radly Metzger, John Amero, Shaun Costello and Larry Revene, who made these films. And it has been incredible to become close friends with some of these guys. My close friend and adult film historian Benson Hurst has added a level of professionalism and expertise to my business that is invaluable and my colleague Joe Rubin in Chicago has proved to be an incredibly talented, educated and very well versed film buff, who has helped me in strides, not too mention introducing me to dozens of influential bloggers, and they have all been wonderful. I would like to dedicate this post to one fan/scholar in particular, the GORE GORE GIRL. When I first heard of her, I was told that she did her college dissertation on a classic adult film……that in itself was incredibly intriguing. Her approach to looking at these golden age films, is certainly original and not your typical, everyday-babble. Thanks and happy new year to GGG!


GORE GORE GIRL reviews Shaun Costello’s, Midnight Desires.

GORE GORE GIRL reviews Shaun Costello’s, The Passions of Carol

AVN AWARDS adopts “ad for award” mentality

The AVN awards were last night in Las Vegas, I got a call from my buddy who attended and he told me the news as they announced the winner…..

Another year where we obviously have the best DVD release and another year without an AVN award for best classic release.

What can I say? First of all, I am sorry to John Amero, Suzy Mandel, Benson Hurst and my entire team. Secondly, I congratulate those who have received an AVN award for 2010. It might feel amazing for some of you and others might not care much as they have shelves full of the awards from years past.

I would like to call out AVN and Paul Fishbein, the companies president. I would like him to explain to me and the fans the exact curriculum for winning an AVN award. I am almost at a loss for words, but I can tell you that this year was a crystal clear litmus test for us, as we clearly had the best DVD package of 2010 with our Platinum Elite Collection of Blonde Ambition, but instead the award went to VCX, for a dull and bare bones release of a Cal Vista film ,with no extras and absolutely nothing redeeming to speak of. Does anyone see a trend here….VCX advertised with AVN in 2010, and Video-X-Pix did not.

Ironically, it is sort of de javu, as last year  in 2009 our 2 Platinum Elite Collections( Maraschino Cherry and the 3 disc set of Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle) were also overlooked by AVN and the award was to VCX for a film that had won awards already and had nothing in comparison to our nominations of 2009. What is funny is that we did advertise last year with AVN and we did pay for a booth at the 2009 AVN show, I guess our booth was not big enough?

By rewarding the nominees based on advertising as opposed to actual product/accomplishment is absolutely disgusting. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Your actions penalize those who may not have the funds to advertise with you, but actually do more for the preservation of classic adult content than all the other companies put together.

For 2 years in a row AVN and it’s “voters” have ignored our Platinum Elite Collections and overlooked them for AVN awards by rewarding less deserving films or studios ( basically anyone who advertised).

An irony to this whole sad situation is that our first year in selling DVD’s we spent tens of thousands of dollars in ads with AVN and our product was cheaper and not top notch, now we have no funds to advertise but we spare no expense on our high end collections, but get very little to no recognition from AVN. It does not help our sales, it sends the wrong message, and it is pointless. How does that help the world of classic adult entertainment?

I have been encouraged to express my feelings and I would love to have a podcast with Paul Fishbein and any other members of the voting staff, so we can find out how and why these educated voters and critics came to this conclusion? Did they even vote? Do they just want free screeners?

Paul, my old man was in the adult industry when you were still in High School, and he was one of the first guys to advertise with AVN back in the day, he stood up for his rights and became a major vidoe mogul at a young age in the mid to late 70’s, and not just in the adult world. In a way he was responsible for the video revolution in the early 80’s and changed the way mainstream films were distributed. I always remember him rewarding and giving incentives all the time and it was based on earning, if you sold the most, you won the award, it was clear cut. It made his customers and distributors work harder and they were rewarded for that. Unfortunately, I don’t have his brain or his ability and that is something that I deal with on a daily basis and that is my problem. But one thing I know, is that you are doing the wrong thing with your rigged AVN awards. For me, it is not just a trophy, as with the approach I take to classic film preservation, it means so much to so many people, and it effects so many. Your companies biased decision making on giving out AVN awards is shameful and disgusting.  But I actually thought that this year, with the addition of actual non-AVN voters that we would finally get our due, but I was wrong. Moving ahead, I will be an open advocate to AVN’s unfair and bribery like tactics.We have played by your rules for almost 7 years and it has done nothing for us, absolutely nothing.

I am happy to say that this blog has developed a nice little following of some of the more intellectual film fans, film archivists, critics, bloggers and web masters… they help me get the word out…….. If any of you would like to send me an e-mail, I would be more than happy to chat with you, in order to help expose this situation a bit more…  Any press is good press, let’s have a fun debate and it might be entertaining. Please link to this story. Thank you.


After 2 years of development and never ending digitizing and content uploading, I am happy to announce that is now live. It is sort of a soft launch, as we are still fixing some bugs and making some tweaks. The site has been part of our company’s relaunch and will serve as our new hub, where you can find out about our company, it’s films, it’s history, it’s legacy or join any number of forums and blogs and get up to date and current news…….and just about anything else to do with classic adult cinema… wll find on the new site.

We are always uploading new content and the site is being worked on everyday, so please be patient and as the weeks and months go by, you will notice the addition of more videos, trailers, posters, ephemera, etc. Our hopes are that in the future this will act as a virtual museum, with a host of experts that are moderating the blogs and forums.

Please take a quick look, so you can see what we have done and I welcome you to our new online community.