XXX 35 mm CLASSICS in High Definition

LITTLE ORAL ANNIE, one of the greatest cock suckers of all time, this girl made Linda Lovelace look like a schoolgirl…..LOA really took giving head to the next level and kept ¬†deep throating alive during the 80’s!


Screen grab from original DVD release

ABOVE: screen grab from the original dvd release, which was sourced from a 1 inch video master. The quality was never an issue, sort of the standard for the video industry, maybe even higher than average for a video shot in 1984, but once we did the HD transfer, it make this version look awful. See photos below.

ABOVE: screen grab (960 x 540), from the HD transfer.

ABOVE: screen grab full resolution (1920 x 1080), from the HD transfer


We have our HD file of INSIDE LITTLE ORAL ANNIE, on an external hard drive. The file is approx 800 gigs, HUGE!!!! We have even had to upgrade some of our equipment to be able to handle the large HD files, as the files are so big that without the proper connection, the system just chokes up. Nothing like a new system!!!

Overall the film looks very good as an HD file….clear picture, crisp edges, decent color, etc. It was also shot by sexploitation veteran Joseph Sarno, as he made dozens of films for Evart, as the in-house director for many 80’s films and video features, so having good film stock and a talented person behind the camera certainly helps to make a successful picture.

By no means, is this a very artistic film, but rather the opposite, just a great example of XXX smut in the 80’s. And it is an Evart production as well, so I have a direct lineage to the film, being that my old man produced it.

It happens to be our all time best selling DVD in the adult market, so that was the catalyst for this project… see if there is interest in 35 mm classics in HD? We hope there is.

Anyway, these are some raw screengrabs directly from the transfer, there has been no post or any effects added, just the raw screen grabs. ENJOY!!!

Little Oral Annie -Opening Scene

Little Oral Annie- Opening Scene

Little Oral Annie and Carol Cross

Little Oral Annie, Carol Cross, Klaus Multia

Little Oral Annie and Anne Cummings - DOUBLE DILDO

Little Oral Annie and Anne Cummings

Little Oral Annie - CAN YOU GUESS THE GUY??

Cara Lott

Little Oral Annie


Last week, we finally decided to move our original film elements out of our main storage facility in NYC. Some of the films have not seen the light of day for over 4 decades. The films have been kept underground and dry, and overall they are in great condition. We loaded up 2 trucks and it took an entire day to move. We have found some gems that we never thought we had and we have also been able to archive the entire collection of negatives…..dozens of original trailers and out takes. Next are the ¬†prints!!!! see below…..