MISTY BEETHOVEN..RESTORATION-before and after shots

Well they say that sometimes quality will stump quantity and in this case, I can’t argue that. The amount of effort that has gone into this Misty Beethoven restoration has been daunting. We really brought the film back to life. There will be a lengthy feature included as an extra in the release for those who are interested in the entire process. But for some quick satisfaction, I wanted to post some screen grabs from the recent 2k scan and compare them with images from the last and most recent VCA version. I will show the old standard version at 4:3, the raw 2k scan in proper aspect ratio and then the corrected 2k scan, with color correction, scratch removal and proper 1:85:1 aspect ratio.

These are raw file grabs and the 2k scans have been compressed to PRO RES HD FILES SIZE, so you are getting a full 1920×1080. The old version is presented in the improper aspect ratio, and has no scratch removal, color correction, etc. The new HD screen shots are presented in the proper 1:85:1 , which is how Radley shot the film and how it was intended to be seen.

If you notice, many of the raw shots after the 2k scan are very vibrant and in some cases overly colorful. Much of this is due to the magenta overtones, very common in archival film. It is easily balanced and corrected and once a true black level is established much of the color seems to return to normal, as seen in the Corrected HD shots.

Misty Old Version-VCA

Misty Old Version

Misty-Raw Image from 2k scan

Misty-Raw Image from 2k scan

Misty_2k scan-with CORRECTIONS

Misty_2k scan-with CORRECTIONS

Misty_Old Version

Misty_Old Version

Misty-Raw Image from 2k scan

Misty-Raw Image from 2k scan

Misty_2k scan with Corrections

Misty_2k scan with Corrections

Misty_Old Version

Misty_Old Version

Image from Raw 2k scan

Image from Raw 2k scan

2k scan- compressed Pro Res screen grab- 1920x1080- with corrections

2k scan- compressed Pro Res screen grab- 1920x1080

Misty-Old Version

Misty-Old Version

Raw- Pro Res Screen Grab- 1920x1080

Raw- Pro Res Screen Grab- 1920x1080

Final shot, Color Corrected - Pro Res full HD 1920x1080

Final shot, Color Corrected - Pro Res full HD 1920x1080

The Opening of Misty Beethoven-Update and Official Screen Shots

The project continues, So far we have the 2k scans of both the original UNCUT, hard and cool versions of Misty. The hard cut was restored manually and the soft was left alone, it still looks great and has a few scenes that die hards have been yearning for! The Director commentary is taking place this week, with the legendary Radley Metzger. We are currently lining up the various versions of outtakes(scanned in 2k) in our systems, audio synching, as well as editing video featurettes and continuing to shoot footage for the remaining features. Last week we sat down and recorded a wonderful interview with Music Director for many of the Radley Metzger’s film’s, George Craig, part of which will be included as bonus material on the upcoming DVD release. Also we are finalizing the official Misty soundtrack which will be released at the same time. This is going to be amazing, we will keep you posted.

Below are  some random screen shots from the recent 2k scan. As you can see the restoration is gorgeous and as many hoped and wished, the grain is certainly intact. A very unique aspect of this transfer is that we unearthed the fact that Radley Metzger shot this film in both Super 16mm and 35 mm formats. Enjoy the shots!

Be a Photographer for Misty Beethoven!

It’s a little known fact that in 1975 when Radley Metzger shot footage in Paris and Rome for “The Opening of Misty Beethoven,” he borrowed local crew and equipment to do so. Whether you missed the opportunity to be part of his crew because you missed the Metro when you stopped to tie your shoe or because you foolishly hadn’t gotten around to being born yet, you’ve been granted a second chance!

If you live in/near Rome or Paris (or will be visiting either in the next 3 weeks) and own or can borrow a camera or camcorder, you can show up 36 1/2 years late to the filming and be part of an extra feature on the upcoming special edition of “The Opening of Misty Beethoven”!

In return for taking photographs and/or footage from the same position and angle as the film’s crew in a handful of locations around the city, you will get:

1. A free copy of the upcoming “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” special edition.

2. Your name (or chosen nom-de-porn) in the credits of the feature or featurette in which your photographs appear.

3. A certificate proudly proclaiming that by virtue of your photograph appearing on a disc containing pornographic material you are, by the commutative property of ill repute, ipso facto a Porn Photographer who worked on “The Opening of Misty Beethoven”.

On April 1 st, we will select one lucky photographer from each city, giving special preference to those with good cameras and photographic skills (with bonus points awarded to anyone willing to debase themselves or their friends by dressing and posing in place of the stars of the film). Street addresses and reference photos (both then and now) will be provided and stills or footage must be submitted to us electronically on or before April 15.

Just e-mail your information and qualifications (such as they are) to distribpix@gmail.com before April 1 st and we’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen!


The Henry Paris Triple Feature

3 of the greatest X-rated features, from the maestro of erotic cinema, Radley Metzger, all for one low price. This is a great opportunity to own all 3 of these HENRY PARIS films, remastered from the original negatives, with a host of extras on each disc.
Radley Metzger’s entire life has been dedicated to cinema. From a child in the theaters of NYC, to being an assistant at RKO studios on Park Ave, to becoming one of the most well known directors of all time. His impressive tenure as an extremely successful director, distributor and businessman, speaks for itself.
In the early 1970′s after coming off the European set of “The Score”, Radley made his way back to NYC, and soon realized that a hairdresser from Queens, named Gerard Damiano, had made a little stag film called “Deepthroat”! He took notice and saw what was happening around him, he felt a movement and that movement was porno-chic. He figured, he was already a very successful filmmaker, so if a hair dresser can do it, then he certainly had a decent shot. He created the moniker “Henry Paris”, as to keep his identity in the dark, as he had a well known reputation.
In 1974, he assembled a very professional cast and crew and in six days he was able to create the “Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”. It was a hit, and Radley Metzger had now become master of the soft and the hard. Henry Paris went on to make “Naked Came The Stranger in 1975, based on the novel by the same name. This film’s budget was much greater than Pamela and involved more cast and crew. “Naked” premiered at the WORLD THEATER in NYC and was an instant hit. He went on to make 2 more very successful films: The Opening of Misty Beethoven and Barbara Broadcast. The first is referred to by some as the greatest adult film ever made. In 1978, Metzger released the swan song to the genre in ” Maraschino Cherry”, a combination of several scenes from various shoots and original footage.
This is a great deal and a great opportunity to get all 3 Henry Paris classics for one low price.
INCLUDED: •Maraschino Cherry Platinum Elite 2 Disc Set •The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann 2 Disc Set •Naked Came The Stranger Special Edition

Be a part of “The Opening of Misty Beethoven”- Audio Commentary

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of your wonderful feedback and support on the releases of “The Private  Afternoons of Pamela Mann” and “Naked Came The Stranger”. Currently, we are in the process of restoring the original film elements of “The Opening of Misty Beethoven”, on a 2k scanner, restoring and enhancing the original sound, and also delving into the outtakes, deleted scenes and alternative footage that has also been scanned and will be seen in HD for the first time ever!!

The commentary with legendary director Radley Metzger for “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” will be moderated by Distribpix’s lead project researcher and adult film historian, Benson Hurst. It is scheduled to take place in a 2 weeks and we thought it would be a great idea to give the fans an opportunity to send in their own questions to be asked to Radley during the commentary, Of course we will only be able to choose a few of them.

It is very easy to send your questions to us:

You can post questions to Distribpix on Facebook, under the QUESTION LINK for Radley Metzger commentary- you can post your question publicly or send a private message:  http://www.facebook.com/distribpix

You can also post right here, on The Distribpix Blog, for people who do not use Facebook!

Or just send an email to: distribpix@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Opening of Misty Beethoven–Major Film Restoration underway at Process Blue!

It has been approximately 2 weeks since the actual film restoration has begun and it keeps getting more exciting. I am writing this as I sit beside master colorist and driver of the Golden Eye III Film Scanner, Ryan Emerson. At the moment, we just completed the manual restoration on the 4th and final reel of the Hard version of “Misty”. Basically, that means going through the film, frame by frame and retouching spots that the automatic restoration had missed. It is taking us approximately 2-3 hours per reel, but is well worth the extra cost and effort. We have been removing things like dirt, dust, scratches and fingerprints.

The physical restoration started last week, when I drove all of the film elements up to Process Blue’s Brand new state of the art facility in Bridgeport, CT. The facility has the only Golden Eye III Film Scanner in the United States, which is one of the most comprehensive restoration tools for archival and modern film as well. The scanner has the ability to process 8, 16, 35 and 70mm in 2k and 4k resolution. I asked Ryan about the new Film Scanner, and he was quick to chime in, “We literally traveled the world looking for the best system for archival film and the company, Image Systems(Sweden), which builds the Golden Eye III Scanner, was the obvious choice. Image Systems, has also recently merged with the company that manufactures the Phoenix Finish, which is total image restoration software, that we are using to bring The Opening of Misty Beethoven, back to life!”

For those of you who might not be familiar with a film scanner, it is a more advanced and more modern version of the telecine, allowing greater resolution and more operator flexibility. One of the best qualities of this scanner is that it is incredibly gentle on the actual film, which is so important with older, archival stock. For example, when the operator rewinds the film, the actual film itself is lifted off of the skid plate, and that is a huge benefit.

The film elements that are being worked on for the upcoming release of Radley Metzger’s “The Opening Misty Beethoven”, are the 35mm hard and cool versions CRI, (which stands for color reversal internegative), the 35 mm trailer, and 3 reels of 16 mm silent PIX, containing never before seen footage from the Audubon archives, like deleted scenes, alternative footage and outtakes. The audio sources we are using for the restoration are the original mag track for the hard version and the optic track for the cool version. The hard version will also boast a 5.1 audio mix, for those out there who wish to enjoy that true stereophonic experience. Of course the MONO track will also be included!

The restoration of all of these elements is well underway and we are expecting to have all of the elements back in our post production facility within the next week. From that point, we will be hard at work compiling all of this wonderfully remastered footage, in order to release the greatest adult-based, DVD package of all time.

The package is set to include both hard and cool versions of Misty Beethoven, along with Metzger commentary on the hard version, as well as an immense line up of video based extras, including an in-depth restoration feature, a locations feature, HD outtakes/ with Radley Metzger commentary, A tribute to Jamie Gillis, A feature on the film’s star Constance Money, multiple language subtitles, film facts track, and so much more! And don’t forget our amazing liner note books, available in each DVD. An exact release date has not been set, but it looks like it will be ready to go around May 2012.

Stay Tuned for all new updates, including rumors of a B-Ray??

About Process Blue:

In 2012, Process Blue was established in Brideport, CT, and is operated by Ryan Emerson and Joe Rubin. Ryan Emerson has over 10 years experience as a colorist and is very well versed in film transfers and the technical aspects involved. Joe Rubin, is a well established film archivist and film historian and brings a wealth of knowledge to the new facility. Rubin has also been training on the scanner and restoration software, and will be conducting transfers, as well.

Process Blue, is a fully functional film scanning facility, equipped with the Golden Eye III Film Scanner and also has major plans for further development, to reach all levels of post production( editing suites, green screen, etc.).

It is located only an hour North of NYC and is only a few blocks away from the Metro North train!

for more information go to: Processblue.tv

The Golden Eye II Film Scanner

Ryan Emerson, master colorist at Process Blue