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When you mention the term ” character actor” in the world of adult films, this guy’s name is usually the first to come to mind. He has worked in dozens of different roles for some of the greatest XXX directors of all time like the NY based Amero Brothers, as well as Chuck Vincent. He is also been praised for his ability to play a drag queen with the utmost of ease.

David Friedman – Dec 24, 1923- Feb 14, 2011

As most of you already know, legendary film maker David Friedman died on Monday. I was fortunate to get to meet Dave on several occasions, mainly when he came into NYC to meet with my father, as they were very friendly and fond of each other. My father would also travel to Alabama, and they had some good times together. The last time I saw Dave was about 8 years ago in NYC and we just started to release the old classics on DVD and it was priceless to see and hear his reaction to seeing these one time 35 mm clunkers in these mini silver disc things called DVD’s, he was having fun with it, but I do remember him taking a copy of Armand Weston’s, ‘Take Off’ with him. At the time, he was staring to lose his hearing, but was still getting around just fine. I did hear that his health had gotten worse over the past years and particularly more recently. And then on Monday, he finally passed.

Dave leaves behind a legacy of gore, exploitation, fascination, sexy shockers and he did it all with his carnival charm.

This is a picture from my father’s personal collection and I like this one, it really is a great shot.

David Friedman – Dec 24, 1923 – February 14, 2011

David Friedman 1995

Davie Friedman and Angel