The films of Billy Bagg- Bill Lustig’s NY Erotica

Coming this summer from Distribpix Inc.- Bill Lustig’s NY Erotica, a double bill featuring both of his X rated films from the 1970′s. Both films have been restored with brand new 2k scans, color correction and digital scratch removal. Each film has an intensely educational commentary track moderated by Nicolas Winding Refn. You will learn so much from the commentaries alone.

This will be the first installment of the Sweetheart Theaters Home Video Cinema line, which is perfect as both of these films, debuted at the Word Theater.

Please enjoy the brand new HD trailers for The Violation of Claudia and Hot Honey.




Bill Lustig and the X rated films of Billy Bagg

Bill Lustig and the films of Billy Bagg – Distribpix Podcast episode #2

The Distribpix Podcast  Episode #2- Bill Lustig and the films of Billy Bagg

The Distribpix Podcast Episode #2- Bill Lustig and the films of Billy Bagg

Before he was known as Bill Lustig, he was called Billy Bagg, want to know why?

Before he became the legendary head of Blue Underground and years before he was releasing his favorite films to DVD for Anchor Bay, he was Billy Bagg.

Billy Bagg was an alias for Bill Lusting when he directed 2 X rated films in the late 1970′s, Hot Honey and The Violation of Claudia. Both of these films are getting a special release as a double feature, with brand new 2 k scans of each film, as well as amazing commentaries on both of the films, moderated by Hollywood director Nic Winding Refn.

Bill Lusting and Nic Winding Refn, 2010.

Bill Lusting and Nic Winding Refn, 2010.

The details of the audio commentary are amazing, and any Blue Underground, Nic Winding Refn fan or just fan of classic erotica must pick up ,this soon to be released DVD. This project has been a huge undertaking and the restorations of both films are excellent. In order to prepare and celebrate this release, I got together with Bill Lustig in his West Hollywood apartment in late January 2014 and we sat down and talked a bit about his career, his love for cinema and we touched briefly about the films. Lustig also talks about growing up in NJ, escaping to the grind houses of NYC as a child, his early influences and so much more! BUT, we made it a point to leave out all the exact details of the films and keep them exclusive to  the commentary tracks. But, with that said, I hope you enjoy our conversation together, it is honest, simple and to the point.   In the podcast, he refers several times to “your father”, he is referring to Arthur Morowitz, the original founder of Distribpix.


Bill Lustig X Rated Films          


Listen to the podcast here:

Or download it here: Bill Lustig Podcast

The Films of Billy Bagg

Honcho of Blue Underground, Manic Cop Maven and Anchor Bay Bandit ,Bill Lustig, was once called Billy Bagg….yup- Billy Bagg!

Yes, this is absolutely true. He made 2 films using that alias, The Violation of Claudia and Hot Honey, both from the late 1970′s. These were his first films, Violation of Claudia was shot in 35mm and Hot Honey in 16mm. Distribpix owns both of the films and the original elements. They were recently scanned in 2k resolution and had digital restoration and color correction performed. They both look very clean, maybe too clean!

Several years ago, Bill Lustig, along with famous movie director, Nicolas Winding Refn,were both gracious enough to come to a sound studio in Burbank, to perform audio commentaries on both films, both full length, it is gold! Nic actually moderates the commentary with a cynical tone that changes from astonished to comical, but all in all, it is very informative, and the complete stories of both films are told. Bill is wonderful with his memory, he is accurate and shares many details. I am hoping that all of the Blue Underground fans will give this release a chance, if not only for almost 4 hours of unique and rare commentary, but equally as gorgeous film restorations. I think this will become a valuable collectible.

The films are being authored and should be able to see the market by late Spring, early summer.

It will be billed as a double feature that will contain both films, from 2k scans, full length audio commentary for each film and an exclusive slideshow/ephemera gallery.

I have wanted to release this for a while now and I am excited to see things finally moving along again.

I hope you enjoy The Billy Bagg Double Feature.


Bill Lustig X Rated Films

Bill Lustig

The World Theater, The Violation of Claudia

The World Theater, The Violation of Claudia





Extra! Extra! Hindsight: Richard Pacheco’s Autobiography Hits Newsstands!

HINDSIGHT : True Love & Mischief in the Golden Age of Porn


by Howie Gordon aka Richard Pacheco

Published by BearManor Media, Albany

Let me take you back to the early days of Spring 1986.  The setting : a small yet serviceable flat rented by my late BFF Frank in our hometown of Bruges, Belgium.  One sun-dappled afternoon, four freshly out of the closet friends aged 18 to 20 (including the aforementioned Frank as well as yours truly) feasted their fevered fantasies over our host’s carefully conserved copy of Playgirl Magazine’s Men of the Year special issue for the year 1980, lasciviously if tastefully lining up the cavalcade of cock that had graced its pages over the twelve preceding months.  Amidst our personal likes and dislikes, we all ended up agreeing that the selected stud laureate, one Howie Gordon of Berkeley, CA, met all our expectations and then some, therefore declared a worthy winner by our fabulous foursome.  To paraphrase a Cole Porter tune, he’d be oh so nice to come home to.  Sigh…

Among our quarrelsome quartet, though I didn’t let on at the time, I happened to be the only one (and since none of the others could ever stop blabbing contrary to softspoken lil’ me, they wouldn’t have been able to keep such a goodie to themselves) who was able to identify this hunk o’burnin’ love as adult actor Richard Pacheco.  A loyal if criminally underage patron of our local porno palace, which had definitively closed its doors the year before, I had harbored a serious crush on the guy since seeing him as sensitive boy next door stripper Jonathan, sweetly seducing then ruthlessly abandoning spinster schoolmarm Georgina Spelvin in Anthony Spinelli’s 1981 carnal classic THE DANCERS, a first-rate fuck flick first viewed in the early days of ’83 that still stands firmly amongst my personal favorites three decades down the line.
Mind you, this was not the very first adult film I had ever seen but none of the male performers I was familiar with at the time had struck much of a chord beyond the “oh yummy” stage that would traditionally last mere seconds and rarely extend past some masturbatory frenzy they had unwittingly inspired.  What made this Pacheco fella so special that he would stand out among his crowd of pornographic peers ?  The answer was simply : more.  Not necessarily in the penile compartment, as there were far heavier hung horsemen about, but contrary to popular belief (which the Internet does absolutely nothing to dispel) not every gay man, or woman for that matter, is a size queen per se.  No, we’re talking about something more on the inside, going on between the ears and expressing itself in a manner not immediately expected from someone in his line of work.  Conflicting with the conventional superstud image comfortably inhabited by most men in explicit entertainment, Pacheco’s screen persona was like THE DANCERS’ Jonathan very much what we imagined slash hoped the boy next door to be, someone we would like to know outside the confines of the bedroom, fall in love with maybe, at the least could fornicate and have fun with.  In short, a complete person, unafraid to show his softer side, not as some wrongly perceived weakness but as an actual stock in trade few screen studs cared to rival with, apart from Eric Edwards and Bob Bolla perhaps.

And now there’s the one time Richard Pacheco aka the achingly real Howie Gordon’s long-awaited autobiography, which he’s been planning to write since 1984, finally seeing the light of day.  Thirty years in the making !  A cast of thousands !  Was it worth the wait ?  You betcha !  Clocking in at just under 700 albeit lavishly illustrated pages (full color if you catch it on Kindle but beautifully rendered in black and white on the printed page nonetheless), it tells absolutely all about this most personable of porn performers.  Yet to circumsize his character to fit the fuck film frame is to do the man grave injustice.  Although each of his erotic epics is duly elaborated upon and judged as much as a personal experience in making it then as a work of entertainment, if not outright art, his adventures in the skin trade are just the tip of the iceberg, or perhaps in Howie’s case that should be the ever erupting volcano.  A backdrop almost to the greatest adventure of all, a life lived to the full that encompasses everlasting love with wife Carly and fatherhood forever strained yet sometimes also strangely strengthened by gainful employment in the erotic industry.

Gordon appears entirely unafraid to present himself as is, warts and all, described in an infectious style of conspiratorial camaraderie that draws readers in from page one, not to let them loose, equal parts exhilarated and exhausted, till the entire tale has been told.  Frequently interjected with jokey interludes by Marty the agent, pulling him back on track whenever in danger of digressing, and the voice of God (I kid you not), this could have easily ended up an unholy mess of a patchwork quilt but somehow Howie holds it all together beautifully as he guides us through his troubled youth, struggling with obesity prior to having his cherry popped on three (!!!) different occasions, past the relationships that were to shape his life either for better or worse.  Adult aficionados will, of course, hungrily devour accounts of encounters with such lusty luminaries as Marilyn Chambers or the late lamented Shauna Grant, to name but two on opposite sides of the spectrum connecting hilarity and heartbreak respectively.  Fair enough, we would all like to know what these fantasy-fuelling females were really like and Howie’s too much of a Mensch to reduce any of them to predictable stereotypes or performance rating scales.  What audiences witnessed on screen was often but a pale imitation of the interhuman complexities emanating from the brief bonds formed by the author and his leading ladies over a period lasting a mere couple of days stretching to several weeks, depending on what a particular project’s budget and shooting schedule would allow.  Considering the amount of time this book has spent in various stages of gestation, a certain déjà vu effect might inevitably occur among avid readers of men’s publications such as Hustler or Penthouse which have featured embryonic editions of various tidbits included herein over the years.  Equally important were his lasting friendships forged with filmmaker and mentor Sam Weston aka Anthony Spinelli and reigning rooster of the hardcore hen house John Leslie, who teamed up for the monumental TALK DIRTY TO ME and its makers illicit sequel (as title rights belonged to the producer with whom he, characteristically, had a falling out) NOTHING TO HIDE, much deservedly yielding numerous industry awards for people on both sides of the cameras.  Both men sadly no longer with us, Howie pays them touching tribute.

Still, the one character that will stay with readers long after they have finished this massive tome, rightfully so as she’s undoubtedly the most important person in his life, is Mrs. Gordon.  Wife, mother and ultimately grandmother, Carly remains something of a conundrum, a wish fulfilment forgiving spouse for boys who refuse to grow up, until Howie graciously allows her voice to be heard, explaining how it took a whole lotta love, respect and resilience to keep their family firmly fixed.  This essential testimony cements the book’s definitive status as one man’s soul-searching study of his own life and what it all meant, reflected by the views of his most significant other to put it all into perspective.  Like James Stewart’s modern day Job George Bailey from Frank Capra’s Christmas classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE or perhaps more appropriately Don Ameche’s on the surface seemingly far more salacious scoundrel Henry Van Cleve in Ernst Lubitsch’s HEAVEN CAN WAIT, Howie’s world eventually turned out a far better place for having him in it.  In a foreword that merits the book’s purchase all by itself, longtime friend and neighbor Whoopi Goldberg (perhaps the most down to earth Hollywood celeb but still) confirms as much and it is further tribute to the guy’s gentlemanly stature that he barely bothers to namedrop her throughout after that glowing introduction.

Somewhere up in the sky, Frank (reread my opening paragraph if you already forgot about him) smiles down at me, shaking his head at his former friend’s impish secrecy, comfortably cushioned between too many dearly departed souls from all our lives, both real and imagined, sitting in the dark even in the most disreputable of movie houses.  At age 65, Dickie Pacheco finally got his autobiography out, timely as so many lustful luminaries have been checking out these past few years (in addition to Spinelli, Leslie and Chambers, there’s also been Gerard Damiano, Juliet Anderson, Harry Reems, Jeez, the list is long and way too depressing !), and its greatest surprise may be that it covers so much more than adult’s flourishing West Coast scene of the ’70s and ’80s when he starred in several of the more prestigious schmeckle movies.  Testimonies such as these are not only valid in covering aspects of cinema history in danger of imminent oblivion, as “polite society” would undoubtedly prefer, but as proof positive of the existence of a compassionate humanity even in the “unlikeliest of circumstances” as the world at large still prefers to pigeonhole the sex industry, an occasional box office blast like BOOGIE NIGHTS barely able to alter that peculiar perception.

Dries Vermeulen aka DirtyMovieDevotee (just this once more for you, Howie !)

In the Flesh – A Powerhouse Film Series

In the flesh at Anthology Film Archives Dec 5-8th, 2013


The first of many “In the Flesh” series had ended  Sunday night December the 8th, with the grand finale 35mm print of Larry Revene’s Wanda Whips Wall Street, and many stars were in attendance.The festival was a complete success on many levels. Each night a different person or persons who were involved with each film came out and got to experience the 35mm screenings as well as participate in the Q/A sessions afterward. Each session was more amazing then we even expected, I mean none of us ever expected, brilliant -83 year old composer, Jack Urbont, to bust out with the Bumble Bee Tuna Jingle, which we wrote. More on that later. But anyone, who cared about the golden age 0f erotica and was in the NYC area was there!


The festival started on Thursday night Dec. 5 , where famed composer and lyricist, Jack Urbont, was on hand to discuss his role in Danny Steinman’s, High Rise, 1973. This film is about a woman(Tamie Trevor) who goes on one of the most amazing apartment hunts in NYC history. The film features a stand out performance by adult industry veteran, Harry Reems, where he, a model train set and Tamie Trevor all share in on the fun. There is also in insanely erotic  threesome,featuring Jamie Gillis, and not too mention that over the top climax– a 20 minute orgy scene, with some great cinematography and editing. One of the best of 1973.

The 35mm print was in decent shape, and was UNCUT. There was laughter and the crowd was around 75-80 people. It was wonderful to see on the big screen. Before the film, a trivia session was performed were movie related questions were asked and the correct answer earned some really great golden age ephemera, like original press books, posters and even original 1/4 inch radio spots.

Afterward, there was a Q/A session with Jack Urbont-How was he involved? Why was he chosen?etc, etc, etc. He answered all of this and much more. First and foremost he brought a bunch of wonderful guests with him, including his wife, and he mentioned how proud he was of the job he did on the film so many decades before. The music is solid and it holds up. Jack also mentioned that the way he intertwined the theme of High Rise throughout the film was his biggest challenge and biggest success. He went on to let the audience know just how famous he was and it sort of stole the show. All of a sudden the patrons who stick around for the Q/A, including myself, were mesmerized with all of his musical conquests. Besides the fact that his father was a musician, he was clearly driven to let his music pave the way for his success. His resume reads like a “best of’ list of jingles and tunes from all the shows we grew up with. Don’t believe me? Have you ever heard the Soap Opera The Guiding Light? What about Mission Impossible?What about the Surperhero themes we all grew up with?The Hulk? What about Iron Man?How about that old famous Bum-Bum-Bum-Bum-Bumble-Bee Tuna? Well, he wrote them all and so much more. That is really just the tip of the ice berg and what I was able to remember off the top of my head.


High Rise, Original certificate of X Rating.

High Rise, Original certificate of X Rating.

Jack was very friendly with Herbert Steinman, Imago Films, and through Herbert, Jack met his son Danny. Danny Steinman was shooting this incredibly wacky and possibly ahead of its time film, in the apex of the Deep Throat Explosion and he needed someone to helm the music. Jack was friends with Herbert, he was also incredibly talented and the composer was found. He worked closely with Danny and was able to have the total freedom of playing with the theme and making it fit with each mini-segment of the film. The film itself plays like mini scenes and each one has a different theme, so the same music is used, but in way that is so sophisticated, it has not been done ever before. And remember this is not canned or library music, but original music and lyrics, composed specifically for this theatrical motion picture.

After the film ended, Jack was particularly impressed with his job, mainly in the sense that it has been decades since he has even seen the film and he still thinks the composition is sophisticated and even with his youth was produced with much professionalism. He also specified that they musicians that he was working with ,were the real deal, and had chops to prove it. He even mentioned it would be something that he would like to potentially revisit in the future. One thing for sure about Jack Urbont, is that he loves what he does and that is so refreshing.

Distribpix Man (Steven M.), Composer- Jack Urbont and Curator-Casey Scott

Distribpix Man (Steven M.), Composer- Jack Urbont and Curator-Casey Scott

Thankfully, we will be able to capture more of the magic of Jack’s life and his experiences in the film, when we do our commentary and interview for the  re-release of the brand new scan from the negative. This is slated for a 2014 release and will have a remastered soundtrack as well!

HIGH RISE(1973) Hilarious and underrated classic telling the story of a girl looking for an apartment in the Big Apple. Top production values provided by Danny Stone (“Friday 13th”), with highlights including Harry Reems and a model train set, an extremely erotic lesbian threesome, and an 20 minute climactic orgy featuring the best adult film theme song ever. Featuring Jamie Gillis and Tamie Trevor.



The second night of the festival was to be all about Jonas Middleton’s, 1976, horror and sexually charged thriller, Through The Looking Glass. It is possibly the most sought after cult film of the golden age erotic filmmaking, but this one also has a soft or ‘R’ version. I have met with Jonas before and after contacting Middleton on a whim, he was more than wiling to fly into NYC and be involved with the screening and Q/A session to follow. We all met for a Ukranian meal a few blocks from Anthology and it was quite pleasant. Afterward, we headed into the theater in the rain and wet snow, but made it just in time for the screening to begin. His fiance was so gracious to allow me to share her umbrella with her. Both of them were dressed for success and it certainly showed.

As usual we did the trivia for the night. the items given away were TTLG DVD, posters, press book and most amazingly, an original radio spot on 1/4 tape. Jonas came up and introduced the film, he was so gracious and very poised.

The attendance was the highest for this night with approximately 120 patrons, lots of good energy. We knew it would be a good draw, as the films has roots in both Horror and Adult film communities. The characters, the plot and the music are tops notch, just like the other films in the series. For example, the composer for TTLG, was the same composer who worked on Friday the 13th, Henry Manfredini, and the similar string arrangements can easily be heard. The print was again totally complete, but had it fair amount of fade and splices.

The film concluded with a Q/A session between the director, Jonas Middleton and the curator of the series, Casey Scott. It was a very informative conversation. Many topics were covered, including the fact that Jonas is a recovering alcoholic, and has also taken god into his life in a very serious manner. He is a devoted Christian. He is not ashamed, but rather proud of his short stint in adult films. He also explained a bit more about is mindset and his intent fro making this film. He specified that he really wanted people to pay attention to the underlying themes of the film, sex, taboo, desire and consequence.

Jonas seems very excited to continue to work on the re-release of the film and we are in the process of working on details for the best possible restored release of this epic film. Since Jonas, has particular interest in the ‘R’ rated version, it will also be receiving a full restoration, and not just a transfer. This will possibly allow Jonas, to find some new and interested mainstream outlets for the film.

From Left to Right: Casey Scott, Steven Morowitz, Jonas Middleton, Joe Rubin.

From Left to Right: Casey Scott, Steven Morowitz, Jonas Middleton, Joe Rubin.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS(1976) Cult film par excellence, successfully blending adult and horror cinema into a legendary package. One of only 3 films made by the mysterious Jonas Middleton, “Through The Looking Glass” shows the descent of a beautiful rich socialite (Catherine Burgess) into a surreal, sexual hell. Featuring a career-best Jamie Gillis, the ever wonderful Terri Hall.



Saturday night was again another stellar event. The film was Take Off and our special guess was legendary director, Larry Revene. Larry did not direct this film, but he was on the second unit and also took a mass amount of stills from the set, all of which are in my possession.  Many cast and crew showed up for the screening and it was a pleasure to welcome them all. Make-up artists, costume, music and actors- they were all there, it was very exciting and they were all proud to see their work on the big screen after all these years.

Trivia again was very special as original posters, press books and original radio spots were given away as prizes.

The Q/A was a bit leisure and ended up being a very welcome free for all, where many were standing up, yelling out questions, etc. It was really great and Larry just went with the flow.

After the Q/A there was a very nice vibe in the upstairs lobby of the theater where many of the cast and crew were able to catch up on lost time and reunite.


One of the biggest surprises of the night was that legendary adult industry veteran, Carter Stevens, came in to see the film, all the way from the Poconos. It was amazing to meet him after all these years and the fans were equally excited. I think he had fun.

L to R: Distribpix Man with Legendary Adult Industry Veteran, Carter Stevens(Mal Worob).

L to R: Distribpix Man with Legendary Adult Industry Veteran, Carter Stevens(Mal Worob).


(1978)One of the greatest adult films of all time. Superlative on every level, Armand Weston made a stunning visual treat that looks as fresh today as it did 30 years ago. The film is plot heavy, starting in the 1920s and following the hero’s escapades decade by decade through the 1970s. Starring Georgina Spelvin, Annette Haven & Leslie Bovee.



Then came the snow. Sunday night was the last night of the series and another storm of wet rain and snow hit the city. I was cold and windy, and kept a few people from coming out, but all in all, the outcome was very solid. The film for this night was Wanda Whips Wall Street,1982, a very witty and well shot film, with director Larry Revene in person, along with lead actress, Veronica Hart ( Wanda). Veronica was actually a surprise guest who flew in last minute to be a part of the series. Her presence lit up the event. The print itself was in very good condition, and Larry was thoroughly impressed with how the film has held up after all these years.

Original VHS Box Art elements, from the Distribpix Archives.

Original VHS Box Art elements, from the Distribpix Archives.

The trivia was quick and we introduced Larry and Veronica( Jane Hamilton), the crowd was very pleased with them both. The film went off with a theater full of laughter, some great music and lots of one liners. It is one of the co-sponsor’s, Joe Rubin’s, favorite films of the genre, so he conducted a thorough Q/A, which soon took on a force of it’s own. As with previous nights, many of the films cast and crew were in attendance, and on this night, the screenwriter, was gracious enough to show up with his wife and he even got involved with the Q/A, he just came right down the stage and grabbed the mic, it was gold. They all spoke of the film, Chuck Vincent, Editing and other topics. Afterward, there was a very long line of people waiting to see Larry, Jane and all the others.

L to R: Joe Rubin, Larry Revene, Jane Hamilton- Wanda Q/A

L to R: Joe Rubin, Larry Revene, Jane Hamilton- Wanda Q/A

L to R: Veronica Vera, Larry Revene, Veronica Hart, Candida Royalle

L to R: Veronica Vera, Larry Revene, Veronica Hart, Candida Royalle



It was an amazing night. Many of Jane’s friends had come out to the event as well. I got to finally meet Candida Royalle and spend some time with her, as well as reacquaint myself with Veronica Vera. Many people had said that it felt like a class reunion of the golden age.


Wanda Whips Wall Street(1982)

This is the first adult motion picture to probe and expose the sexy and exciting world of Big Money. Wanda, played by Veronica Hart, sets out to gain complete financial domination of a major securities firm. She uses methods both illegal and immoral in her quest for more of the corporation’s stock. Also starring Samantha Fox, Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis.

Wanda Whips Wall Street is directed by Larry Revene, who was not only an excellent director in the 80′s, but has a tenure that goes back to the early 60′s, and continues through today, 2014. His early adult work began, when he helmed the camera for Bob Wolf and made many of the first loops in NYC, during the second half of the 1960′s. He also went on to continue to shoot for Wolf Productions on actual mini features or shorts. He became an incredibly pivotal part of the golden age of erotica in NYC, throughout the 70′s and 80′s, as a cinematographer, director, still photographer. He is certainly very well known for working with Chuck Vincent, of Platinum Pictures. Without going into great detail, Larry was literally one of the ‘GO TO” guy for the majority of directors of the day, from the Amero Brothers, Ron Sullivan, Armand Weston and others. He was a true professional and he got the job done. As the golden age came to end, Larry’s career and love for filmmaking continued to thrive, let’s just say it is in his blood. from Viet Nam to Iraq, Larry has been filming all over the world, he continues to make feature films as well as documentaries. Larry is an accomplished artist and painter as well. His work and his life are both full of absolutely incredible experiences, they are ones that books are written about, and that is just what Larry has done. He recently finished his first book, which is essential reading for any true fan of the golden age of erotic filmmaking.

Larry had copies of his books on hand and he sold quite a few of them, and signed them as well.  Please do yourself a favor and grab your copy today.


All in all, In the Flesh ,was a total success, and the best part was being able to gather after each night and go out with a group of people for a few drinks, laugh and have some fun.  I got to meet dozens of Facebook friends, and make new acquaintances. In fact, the conversation I had with Larry, over several pints of Blue Moon, after the Take Off screening, was one of the best times I ever had.That is what I will remember most about this series.

Adult Industry Legends, Carter Stevens(R) and Larry Revene(L), reuniting at Anthology Film Archives

Adult Industry Legends, Carter Stevens(R) and Larry Revene(L), reuniting at Anthology Film Archives

Jane Hamilton and Larry Revene.

Jane Hamilton and Larry Revene.

Classic NYC Erotica on 35mm at Anthology Film Archives

In the Flesh at Anthology Film Archives Dec 5-Dec 8, 2013 at 8 pm.

In less than 48 hours Anthology Film Archives  in NYC, will be hosting In the Flesh, a film series which focuses on classic erotic films from the golden age. Curated and organized by film historian, Casey Scott, this is the first run of the series and it is certainly going off with a BANG! The series is scheduled to be 4 nights, 4 films ( one each night), and each night will have at least one or more guests that will help to give the film some historical context. The four films chosen are all East Coast films and all from the Distribpix Archives, and each one is as good as the next. Each night will also have some very entertaining 35 mm trailers from the Distribpix vault.

Lobby Posters at Anthology Film Archives.

Lobby Posters at Anthology Film Archives.

The series is beginning with a very strong line up of NYC staples: High Rise with Music Composer Jack Urbont in person, Through The Looking Glass with director Jonas Middleton in person, Take Off with set photographer Larry Revene in person, Wanda Whips Wall Street with director Larry Revene in person, special guest Scott Baker and mystery guests as well. The guest will be introducing each film and will also be on hand to participate in Q/A session to follow each film. There will also be some fun trivia for prizes, which include DVD’s, posters, press books and more.

It is going to be a very special series and I am very happy to be involved. It is obvious that general interest in classic erotic cinema has been on the rise in recent years. Retro as a whole has made a huge comeback since 2010, but there is no doubt in my mind that the dedication to preserving the films in High Definition and bringing them back to life has fueled the resurgence. Running a film archive is a non stop job and it can be very tedious, so to be able to see these on the big screen is a huge reward.

There have been many email responses to the series and we expect to have a wonderful mix of fans and experts at the theater during the screenings. I have a feeling that it is going to be a very special series and I really hope to see you there.


DEC 5th – HIGH RISE, 1973 directed by DANNY STEINMANN:

Hailing from a show business family background, Danny Steinmann started his directorial career shooting commercials in Puerto Rico and soon returned to New York, where he continued successfully producing, directing, and editing toy commercials. Seeing the success of Gerard Damiano’s Deep Throat in 1972, Steinmann decided to attempt to make his own profitable adult film, resulting in High Rise, now considered the first comic masterpiece of the X-rated genre. For a first time director, High Rise is an impressive debut, filled with visually stylish flourishes and clever comic scenarios. The film’s success, however, did not lead to further ventures in the hardcore realm. In fact, Steinmann would not return to the director’s chair until 1981, when he helmed the sleeper horror classic The Unseen. Its success led to the two most famous films of his career, Savage Streets (1984) and Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985). To his dismay, the horror sequel would be his last film as a director. Steinmann was finally receiving his due credit as a director and connecting with his fans at film conventions when his life was unexpectedly cut short in 2012.

High Rise Movie Poster at Anthology Film Archives, facing 2nd avenue.

High Rise Movie Poster at Anthology Film Archives, facing 2nd avenue.

Dec 6 – Through The Looking Glass, 1976 directed by JONAS MIDDLETON:

Hailing from the great state of Georgia, Jonas Middleton made one great big, but brief, splash in the adult film genre of the 1970s. Following his low-budget debut, Cherry Blossom (1972), Middleton’s next film, Illusions of a Lady (1974), hinted at the director’s storytelling talents that would be demonstrated in full force with his final and best X-rated film, Through the Looking Glass (1976). The worldwide success of the film did not interest him in continuing to make adult films. His next film project, the sleeper horror hit Just Before Dawn, would be his last before moving into the world of finance for much of the 1980s. Middleton returned to the entertainment industry in 1994, when he began producing instructional videos, and in 2000 he successfully entered the video game business. Today Middleton continues to produce thought-provoking independent features.


Cherry Blossom and Through The Looking Glass, directed by Jonas Middleton

Dec 7 – Take Off, 1975 directed by ARMAND WESTON:

A director who came to the film world from a background in commercial illustrating and artwork, Armand Weston is one of the adult genre’s legendary auteurs with the smallest oeuvre. All of his films are established classics, from his very first collaboration with future fellow legend Cecil Howard (1972′s Personals) and continuing into his dark noir-ish thrillers, The Defiance of Good (1974), The Taking of Christina (1975), and Expose Me, Lovely (1976). Weston was also the first director to shoot a feature directly onto the new video format with 1977′s Blue Voodoo. But his most lavish and arguably finest adult film must be his swan song to the genre, Take Off (1978), a sprawling epic following the sexual adventures of Darrin Blue, who stays forever young through the magic of an enchanted stag reel. When he wasn’t making films, Weston was designing the beautiful and eye-catching poster art and ad campaigns for the adult film classics of his contemporaries. He made one more film, the unusual horror film The Nesting (1981) with Gloria Grahame, before his untimely death in 1988.

The Nesting, Oil on Canvas, by Armand Weston.

The Nesting, Oil on Canvas, by Armand Weston.

Dec 8 – Wanda Whips Wall Street, 1984 directed by LARRY REVENE:

A true jack of all trades, Larry Revene started his career at the very beginning of the “golden age” of adult cinema and continued to its eventual conclusion with the onset of video production. Revene got his feet wet shooting loops for notorious producer Bob Wolf and was soon serving as photographer and editor for a variety of projects in both the X-rated and commercial industries throughout New York City. He developed a reputation as one of the most talented and visually inventive photographers in the business, allying himself with auteurs like Roger Watkins, Ron Sullivan, Gerard Damiano, the Amero Brothers, and his most famous collaborator Chuck Vincent. Vincent’s films exhibit a glossy and professional look that benefit greatly from Revene’s solid work ethic and artistic eye for composition and lighting. Revene eventually struck out on his own, directing his first film Fascination in 1980 and continuing to direct roughly one film a year for the remainder of the decade in-between a wide variety of photography assignments. Revene’s films told breezily comic stories featuring engaging characters and an infectious sense of fun. Talents like his naturally graduated to the commercial world, where he continues to work as a sought-after cinematographer.

Legendary Director, Larry Revene, on set of a Bob Wolf Production.

Legendary Director, Larry Revene, on set of a Bob Wolf Production.


Original Radio Spots on 1/4 inch tape stock, a very rare collectible from the Distribpix Archives

Original Radio Spots on 1/4 inch tape stock, a very rare collectible from the Distribpix Archives

Original Press Books for Through The Looking Glass

Original Press Books for Through The Looking Glass

Original Pres Books for Take Off

Original Press Books for Take Off